Find power in your own story

Sunday 25th of February 2024 in CULT Antwerp

An event that provides you with tools to get to know yourself better. Through a combination of physical connection and the sharing valuable knowledge, we – Eugenia, Astrid & Anne – offer you the space to find your own way to the best version of yourself.


Your journey, your rules

We learned the hard way that in a world where truths are thrown at us, finding your direction is challenging. During our healing journey, we didn’t need more people saving us, but had a need for connection, acknowledgement, safety and above all, direction. Direction we can choose ourselves.

With YOU DO YOU we want to do just that and encourage you to find your own way. We do this by discovering different wellness treatments, sharing stories or simply enjoying the moment. Here you determine the how and the what. Your journey, your rules.

What YOU DO YOU stands for:

Get to know yourself better and find strength in your own story.

Build deep and secure connections within a supportive community.

Knowledge sharing
Learn from experts who can guide you on your path of personal growth and healing.

Your well-being, your priority
Discover a range of wellness practices to embrace what suits you with the sole purpose of getting better.

We create a judgement-free, safe but above all fun place where we come together to share experiences, forge friendships and grow together.

Who we are

Astrid Nieuwborg


Astrid is a podcast host and founder of Treat Yourself.

After years of searching for a healthy version of herself, she started Treat Yourself in 2020, a wellness platform that functions as an anchor in peoples search towards healing. By sharing stories and experiences on the podcast, and bundling online resources and care providers, Astrid wants to help people regain power over their own health and provide them the tools to find which direction to go on.

No holistic therapy or tool is a mystery to Astrid anymore and she’s eager to share that knowledge with all her love.

Eugenia Arevalo


Eugenia grew up in Venezuela and has now lived in Antwerp for 5 years.

As a yoga teacher she discovered her passion for understanding the body. In her yoga classes she guides people through the asanas to achieve a deeper connection with their body. The goal is not only to get to know your own limits, but above all to celebrate what you can achieve. She encourages us to embrace our imperfections and transform them into an improved version of ourselves.

Through her platform Into The Organic she teaches people to focus on the essence of life and finding happiness in simplicity.

Anne Callens


Anne is a woman in midlife, a mother of 3 children, and a passionate photographer.

With her expertise in Human Design and Gene Keys, Anne guides individuals to discover their unique personality and life path. She strongly believes in the importance of self-awareness and follows the principle of “out of the head and into the heart.”

Anne encourages others to follow their hearts and use their energy consciously. Because when we truly get to know ourselves and align our energy with our true essence, we can lead a fulfilled and authentic life.

What to expect

YOU DO YOU starts the moment you register. You will receive an intake form from us in which we check in with you – where you are at, at this moment, and especially what your needs are. We use this input to do matchmaking and make sure that you get to connect with the right people. No awkward introductions but instantly connecting on a deeper level!
Your data is also used to create a personal Human Design chart that will give you more insight into your deeper self.

On the day itself we’ll welcome you in the beautiful but above all cool setting of CULT Antwerp that reflects everything we stand for: a nice combination of fun and clean!

We start the day with a yoga session guided by Eugenia, because in our opinion knowing your physical body is key.

Anne is our anchor for the day. She will explain your Human Design chart and provide insights into how it affects your existence in the world. We find out how you can protect yourself by knowing yourself.

Astrid will take the time to give you direction, both individually and in group. Direction towards a better version of yourself, through insightful questions and reflection. She feeds you with information that you can take home with as you walk out the door.

All this is topped with a sauce of tasty snacks, drinks, good vibes and, above all, fun! Because if there is something we stand for, it is living sincerely and fully. We will not be pushing or pulling, but let you be you.

Want to be there?

We choose to do this event twice, once in Dutch and once in English so that you can choose the version that suits you best.